• 58 Wade Tree heavy duty working. 3”x3” post horn. Flat plate rigging set to customers specifications.  Exposed stirrup leathers.  3” rear cinch and 2” rear billets, both latigo lined.  Partial basket stamped and laced leather covered stirrups. Heavy duty working tree base is $2,995. Medium duty working tree base is $2,050.
  • This medium duty Lady Wade is a classy piece!  This saddle offers an in-skirt double rigging, unique border stamp with floral inserts.  The inlaid seat and buck rolls along add color and appeal.  The cheyenne roll has an latigo applique that sets it apart from other designs.  Britchin and crouper rings allow for diversity on the trail. Medium duty tree base price is:  $2,050 Heavy duty tree base price is:  $2,995
  • We can make any design you wish with the starting price of $100.  ALL PROCEEDS from this item(s) go to Operation Christmas Child associated with the Samaritan's Purse Nationwide!  Thank you to all those who contribute to this needy cause!
  • Base price is $425, generally cover sizes of 16"x12"x4". Made of Buffalo Distressed leather with Hermann Oak skirting or Latigo straps and quality buckles.
  • Rawhide and wood tree by Timberline Tree Co., Herman Oak Leather, Double Rigging in the skirt, #2 Regular horn, 2-1/2" cincha with 2" rear billets (all lined), and Hamley twisted stirrup leathers.  Border stamped, leather bottom stirrups and stainless steel hardware.
  • Mule saddles with true mule bars on the trees. Base price of saddle shown here: $2,050 Comes with 2” leather treaded stirrups on 3” stirrup leather, Blevins buckles and a Hamley twist. Saddle is double rigged with stainless steel hardware and rawhide lined to ensure strength. Base price saddle comes with your choice of front latigo’s and 3” rear chincha with a 2” rear billets all latigo lined and stitched; or 4 latigo’s for double chincha. Rings for breast collars, both high and low attachments, as well as crupper and britchen rings. For swell fork saddle verses slick fork, add $100 to base price!
  • Old Visalia

    Built on Timberline Wood/Rawhide Tree, Dally Horn , 6-1/4"x8" gullet (90 degree bars), Arizona Bars, 3-1/2" cantle, exposed stirrup leathers/Hamley twisted, double flat plate rigging, 3" rear cinch with 2" rear billets (lined and stitched), 8-stringed square skirts, and stainless steel hardware.  Rawhide cantle, horn and gullet binding.  Full floral with basketstamp. Saddlebag not included! Taps can be added for an additional $400-$550 Matching Breast collar for additional $185
  • This medium duty Wade working saddle comes in either mule bars or horse bars!  In-skirt double rigging, buck rolls and dally horn.  Semi-square skirts, pencil roll cantle binding, exposed stirrup leathers with a Hamley Twist, half covered wood stirrups, and breast collar as well as High D rings for traditional breast collar and/or martingale styled pulling collar.  Long saddle strings! Medium duty tree base price is:  $2,050 Heavy duty tree base price is:  $2,995
  • Made of Hermann Oak skirting, custom fit to your pommel.  Designed to fit conceal carry style!
  • All made of Hermann Oak skirting with quality buckles and harness leather straps.
  • When ready to order, call with measurement of waist over pants, upper thigh circumference, and from the top of belt to top of fringe so fit is accurate.
  • 4-5 oz. Glovetan leather with zippered leggings.  Base price is $435.  Add buckstitching - $100.  Basketstamped and antiqued top belt and side panels - $40.  USPS Priority Tracking is $20.