Meeting of James Alexander Thom

Here is an incident of a completely different setting and quite possibly one of the more amazing things that has happened to me.  I was working for the University of Idaho for a project called Lewis and Clark Rediscovery.  I was the Administrative Assistant to the project and my job was varied from office duties [...]

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NO CHANCE OF MEETINGS (2 of 4) During the winter months of our first meeting each other I learned some things that I seriously had no clue about, but realized that I was right where I belonged at the moment.  Thus, the prayer about what I should do, stay, move, etc. had been answered temporarily. [...]

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No Chance Meetings (1 of 4)   This is a series of stories about four specific incidents of “No Chance Meetings”! Before the beginning of a time in my life when the only thing that truly mattered to me was my horse, there will be unknown particular people that were destined to touch my life [...]

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